Monday, October 7, 2013

On Halloween

Mmkay.  Let's get real and talk about Halloween.  Too many people act like they are above some Halloween or too holy for Halloween or what have you.  But there are some darn good reasons to partake in this fun day.  I won't call it a holiday; I'll just call it a Fun. Day.  Because that's exactly what it is.  I have a love for costumes and thinking of crazy ones and going to the Goodwill to piece it together.  I have a love for the creative foods that come out around Halloween such as those little mummy situations that we all know as hot dogs in a blanket of crescent roll.  Goodness.  I love the idea of a costume party, and have just about convinced myself of having one because I just love it that much!

Jordy and I used to Trick or Treat like champs in the day.  My mama was such the creative one and made our costumes homemade alot of times.  Come to think of it, the only real costume I had was one of those Barbie ones with this plastic apron-like thing and plastic Barbie mask.  Some of you may be familiar with this type of costume of the late 80s.  Other times she just took a red sweat shirt and drew some black dots on it, and there you have a ladybug.  Cre-a-tive, I tell ya.  We went to various church folks homes to get our candy.  One lady, Mrs. Betty, would give brown lunch bags FULL of candy to the Black Creek kids.  It always had one of those gigantic Hershey bars in it.  We thought we were the junk when we left her house because of all the candy acquired.

I hope to one day do the same for the kids in my neighborhood.  Halloween is the one time of the year where lost people actually come knocking at your door.  If there ever was a fear of door to door evangelism, well it goes out the window on this day alone.  There is no door to door.  They are just coming right to you.  Enjoying Halloween doesn't mean we are in a crop circle or whispering some kind of satanic chant. Duh.  It means living a life as a light to the neighborhood.  We can greet our neighbors and kids in the area with a smile and a candy bar or some other candy.  But we have to make it good. Um.. no looking cheap on this night.  Give them a valuable chocolately candy bar and then even something more valuable that that - be a representative of Christ and the good news!  

When I lived with Mrs. Bush, I did not completely understand her obsession with giving out candy on Halloween.  She was actually absent that particular Halloween but insisted (and always does) that someone be available to pass out her candy.  Last year, I actually was able to be a part of the extravaganza and see what all the fuss was about.  Mrs. Bush is gifted in hospitality.  She loves to care for those around her and does so in a way that points them to the love and care of Christ.  She decorates the outside of her home with mums, and pumpkins and a scarecrow.  She even dressed up.  We were able to pass out candy to no less than 200 children.  Each time a child and their parent came up the walkway, Mrs. Bush was ready with candy but was also intentional in engaging the children and parents in conversation.  This is what it's about. These children were able to see the love of Christ in a practical way -- more than just grabbing a piece of candy and being on there way -- Mrs. Bush talked to them, asked questions about costumes, and complimented them.  She did not grow tired or stressed in the moment.  It didn't hurt that there was some beef stew warmed and ready awaiting for the helpers.

“Let your light shine so people everywhere see your good actions and praise God in heaven because of it.” Matthew 5:16

We are called to be a light.. and that light shines even on Halloween .. if not brighter!

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  1. So true. I know one of the seminary professors invites trick or treaters into his home for hot chocolate and engages them in conversation. Your more likely to win people over for Jesus by embracing it and using it for good rather than arguing over the sinfulness of it.