Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nehemiah Project: Halloween in Raleigh

I will attempt to make this short and explain everything in another blog later.  But this summer, I (along with a few other ladies) did a book study on Nehemiah.  The study was written by Kelly Minter.  During this study the Lord challenged me in such great ways (This is the longer part of the story), and I have prayed since then about my impact for the kingdom in my community - Raleigh.  As young professionals, we have the most, yet little amount of time on our hands.  I say both because it seems like there are feasts and famines of time slots available in our busy lives.  I have prayed that the Lord would lead me and others to start something in the city of Raleigh that has kingdom impact and brings others to know Jesus.  Simply put, we are all in this together.  The church is a people - across age, gender, ethnicity, and place of church attendance.  We are a community of believers residing in Raleigh and are called to be salt and light!

I know that I am doing a huge disservice to you by not explaining the involvement of Nehemiah and how all of this plays out in my precious little mind and God's Word.  I will say this.. Nehemiah saw the task of rebuilding the wall.  The wall was a protection around the city of Jerusalem.  It had to be rebuilt, so God's people could be protected when they returned to the city from exile.  The Israelites were God's people; the ones He loved.  Call me crazy, but we are responsible for this task on a similar but different scale.  We need to be lights in our communities and cities, so that others are drawn to Him and people are coming to be a part of the kingdom, just as the Israelites returned after the exile.  Whew! That was difficult in such a short paragraph.  More to come later.

Here is where your part comes in and what God has laid on my heart.  I mentioned earlier about starting something.  I don't even know the intricacies of what that looks like.  I know that I haven't invented the wheel or the chicken for that matter (Do you see what I did there?)  But I know that sometimes things need a little organization.  We can mull over and over in our heads about what we should and could be doing to share the gospel.

Halloween is fast approaching and will be here in just three short weeks.  You can read, and I suggest you do in order to understand where I'm coming from, the post I wrote about Halloween and Christians by clicking here or just scrolling down.  I'll say the Lord just put this thought on my mind this morning and it made perfect sense, even while brushing my teeth.  I don't really know the span of my blog, so this could be an epic fail or a step in the right direction.  I know that we are called to be faithful.  So, I'm going to step on.

Here's the project:  We need homes and enthusiastic volunteers!  I am praying for at least 3 homes to commit to being a light in their community (in connection to the aforementioned post).  If you would like to open up your home for this purpose or simply be a volunteer passing out candy, please let me know.  The goal is to have 3 to 4 volunteers at each home.  I will use my best discernment in pairing up volunteers with homes.  Each volunteer should bring 2 bags of really awesome candy to the host home.  Really awesome candy in my book = the chocolate y'all! Volunteers may also choose to dress up in non-scary costumes.  The purpose is to be available to those who come knocking on your door.  Make conversations.  Give compliments.  Get to know the people in the area.  Again, this is the ONE time in the year that lost people come knocking on YOUR door.  Even if you don't want to volunteer and work something up through the blog here, I pray that you will be encouraged to do this on your own with your family or friends.  You don't have to broadcast it if you don't want to.  But I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to show God's love on a day that is pretty dark.  We can still be that light!

If you are interested in opening the doors of your home, volunteering, or offering candy for the cause, PLEASE email:  ThisismylifeblogEG@gmail.com

Thanks friends!

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