Friday, October 4, 2013

October and a Sweet Tooth

Well Hello to October! It's one of my favorite months (yes, I realize that this is the case for every chick on the block)!

If I had to pick a Top 3, it'd be something like May, October, and December.  But let's be real, a Top 3 doesn't hold much ground when there's only 12 months to begin with.  But I mean really.. it's okay.

It's time to settle in folks, the summer has been too busy for me! I am not sure when it started, but I am thankful that this round of oh let's say 5 months of being somewhere other than my cute little apartment every other weekend has flat worn me out.  Preach.  This is why October is refreshing because for a bit, maybe just a bit, it'll all stand still.  -- Crisp air, yellow leaves (I love the yellow leaves.), the State Fair and Sweet Potato festival, a blanket and some milk and some candy corn.  Yep, that is my idea of October.  Though to be honest, there is much more going down than just that.  Hey hey Ben Rector and the Duke boys...

I hope to make one of these this weekend. I'm still attempting to narrow down but have been unable to and unwilling to, to be exact:


Confession: (Though no confession is needed), there is a sweet tooth problem.  nope.. not a problem, just a whole situation.

Happy weekend!

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