Monday, September 23, 2013

The Obligatory Fall Post

Now that Fall is officially here (as of 4:44 PM yesterday), I think it is quite alright to do the obligatory Fall post.  You know the ones where people talk all about how they love Fall and what they want to do during the season etc, and so forth.  I've been known to have a few posts of those myself.  And now that the season is ACTUALLY here, we can go on with our happys and cheers because Fall is here!  

Candy corn
Pumpkin candy corn
Peanut butter M&Ms (This is the only time of the year I eat them.)
A good Fall wreath
... And its costumes
Crisp morning air
Running outside
Orange leaves 
Apples are cheaper
The State Fair
Duke Basketball
Skinny jeans and my boots
New TV shows
Mama's Birthday
Apple crisp
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Bread
Sugar coma
...  and for now, a much shorter than normal hair cut

Happy Fall!

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