Thursday, September 19, 2013


Live the moment.  I'm glad I found this little poster because it communicates quite effectively what I wanted it to say.  Live.  Not live in.  There's a difference.  I looked down at the calendar today on my phone and nearly gasped at how close to the end of September it is!  Where have the days gone?  I was reminded that I rarely live the moments.  I'm usually speedily going through life so quickly and hopping from one thing to the next.  I want it to slow down.  I love to be busy, but I've come to realize how much I need those afternoons and nights every so often where I just cut out from the world for a few hours and do my own thing.  If I'm looking at the past or anxiously and excitedly looking to the future, I am not living now.  

God has been so good in just answering some prayers that I have had lately.  Sometimes, such as yesterday, I was just beside myself in how good He has been.  I don't chalk that up to anything I've done, but to Him. He is the one who's faithful to me and constantly pouring out his love to me.  I have been all smiles just thinking of all He is doing.  Little glimpses of where He is taking me.

Sunday night on the way home from Statesville, the pinkish sky was absolutely breath-taking.  The air was crisp outside and of course that led to visions of all things fall - a fall wreath, pumpkin recipes, raking leaves, warm food dishes, cool air for cool runs - it was a peaceful moment.  I knew God was specifically telling me right then and there "I've got you." - Three of the most precious words, speaking right to my heart.

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