Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Embrace the Beard

It's beard season, and most of the girls gave a resounding AMEN!

The cooler weather means those boys are starting to grow the beards.. and let's be honest, just get down right lazy.  However, I'm pretty sure we'd be A-okay if No-Shave November started today! - Something like Keep it Simple September and then move right on in to Oh-My-Look-at-that-Beard October.  That is creativity at its finest, if I do say so myself.

I won't get too wordy, but I will say a friend put a Facebook post about Adam Levine on the Voice and his beard.  Me being the girly girl I am and taking in Dancing with the Stars - critiquing and all like I've done this for years- channel surfed over to NBC.  What a cutie we have here.  I think he could give tutorials about growing a beard.  And with that being said, a friend sent me this yesterday.  I nearly died ...

Because Buzzfeeds really know what they are doing here:

Clint Eastwood's son.  Swoon. 

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  1. Sheweeeee @ Young Mister Eastwood!!!! Our God is a mighty fine Creator!!!