Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Lay off the high ones

Throwback Thursday y'all!  I can hear the Backstreet Boys rocking out in my mind now. Only a few more days. ha.  In honor of today's specialness, I even bought my very own copy of "I Love the 90s".  You know, that little mini-series they played on VH1. Fantastic.  But let's get down to business and discuss our beloved sports movies of the day.  The days we can proudly throwback to...

A League of Their Own

"And here's our other daughter... Dottie's sister."
 I fell in love with this movie when I was in third grade.  For whatever reason I remember it being one of those movies I was absolutely fascinated with but couldn't watch because I was too young.  Untilllll.... the parents were gone, and Mema was home.  And watch we did!  There's Marla Hooch and Stillwell angel.. and then there is the beauty school and the Suds bucket and the bus driver Lou and of course, Mr. Lowenstein.  There's the Racine Belles and the Rockford Peaches, and all us girls wanted to be a Peach for sure.  Hey, I still think about it for a Halloween possibilty.  This is one of my favorite scenes because Dottie and Dugan finally connect.. and then very lady-like she spits out her tobacco.  And if you've sung it once, then you've sung it twice: "We're the members of the All-American League. We come from cities near and far..." Uh huh. You just said, "We've got Canadians...!"  

The Sandlot

The Sandlot is just one of those movies that we can be thankful for because we learned the art of making a smore and backyard baseball.  I can't remember a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday night that I wasn't playing backyard baseball when I was elementary school. I may have been the only girl on those little teams, but I held my own.  Jordy didn't make it easy on me.  Maybe that's why our generation holds onto this movie as a classic like the Holy Grail.  It brings back more memories of our childhood than most movies, and it came out right in the middle of the sports movie craze.  Winnie and Squints and the Great Bambino... It's that movie that will last FOREVER. FORRREEEVVVERRR.

Rookie of the Year

And he says, "Gotcha!"
All the boys wanted something to happen to their arm, so they could throw like that!  And all of the girls quickly became aware of who Thomas Ian Nicholas was.. crush, most definitely!  I remember going to the movies to watch this with my aunt and Jordy.  We thought we were something else with our snacks .. watching a movie.. you know, too cool for school.  Then we saw the Home Alone guy in the movie and him getting stuck in the locker room cage and yelling "Alllrrrriiiggghhhht!", and we were regular movie-goers putting Hollywood connections together faster than a switchboard at the White House.  And what did we learn folks:  We learned that when all else fails, use that floater!

Unfortunately I haven't seen Remember the Titans.. Tragedy, I know.  I will work diligently on correcting that problem.   But let's not forget these oldie but goodies either: Little Giants, The Big Green, Little Big League, and Angels in the Outfield...

Happy Throwback y'all!
PS- c/o Kit:  I like the high ones.

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