Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mid-week Thoughts

Happy Wednesday!.. Sorry no camel/hump day picture here.  I'm not really a fan.  I kind of think it belongs in the category of that Friday song that came out a few years ago.  That category might be titled "Over it."  Anyways.. Here are a few mid-week thoughts for your ... well, Mid-Week!

- Sometimes I get a little down and out about the whole single issue.  I realize that I'm not the only one singing this song.  I read a blog post on Monday that just refreshed my heart in singleness.  I realize that I will never get this time, this day, this minute back.  Desiring something that is not presently in my life is desiring something that is outside of God's will for my life in this very moment.  That isn't to say that it won't come in the future.  But for now, I need to use this time to glorify Him as a single lady .. using my resources and talents to further His kingdom in whatever capacity that may be.

- I watched the CMA Music Fest on TV Monday night along with a million or so of my closest friends.  I think we can all say an "Amen!" to the fact that Taylor Swift needed to stop swaying those hips of hers up to Tim McGraw.  He's a married man, and he could be your daddy.  That's all I have to say to that one.

- God answers prayers in such a neat way that you have to be reminded of His faithfulness and Lordship.  After my daddy found out from the doctors what was wrong with him (he's going to be ok! yay!), I prayed Saturday morning very specifically that he would begin moving around the yard and getting back to his old self.  My mama texted me a picture of him cleaning out from under his shop around 10 AM.  Her text said "Back in the swing of things."  I teared up in the middle of Target.  She didn't know what I had prayed that morning, but God knew.  Thankful for the way He answers our prayers and reminds us of His sovereignty.

- Sometimes I come across a situation, and I just want to say .. tacky.

- I had spaghetti and meatballs for supper last night and lunch today.  This used to be one of my least favorite meals until a mission trip in 2007 with my BCM.  I was introduced to adding a drop of ranch dressing into the sauce.  It has changed my life.  There may be a yuck factor out there, but it's really not much different from dipping your pizza in ranch.  That's all I'm saying.

- I am in the process of making an awesome birthday card for a friend.  When I say awesome, I mean there is some 80's stuff involved.  I'll leave you with this, just to warm your little heart.

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