Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Joy... and a Backstreet Boys Concert!?

"Israel was a spreading vine; he brought forth fruit for himself.  As his fruit increasesd, he built more altars, as his land prospered, he adorned his sacred stones."  Hosea 10:1

The Lord is good.  The Lord our God is faithful.

Sometimes I read my previous posts, and think to myself, "Who is that girl and how can I get faith like that?"  Then clumsily I am reminded that I am the author, and I wrote these posts.  I usually come to a tearful moment because I am reminded of how God is graciously working in my life, and today is no different.  

Have you ever prayed a prayer and thought - "I don't know how God is going to pull this one off."  I do all the time.  It's terrible because it shows the little faith in the great God that I love and who loves me.  I was recently praying for joy in my life.  Not just a happy feeling but a joy that surpasses happiness and still exists on days of sadness.  A joy that is grounded and sustained in my satisfaction in Christ and who He has created me to be.  It is so easy for me to think the grass is greener on the other side. -- the man, a nice house that I can call my own, the family, etc.  All of that looks good over the hill and in the far distance, but then there's the grass I'm standing on right now!  I read Hosea 10:1 and thought about my discontentment with my life over the previous years.  In the past, I always wanted something more.  And I'm sure soon I will have a moment where I want something else or different in my life.  But go with me here.  The Israelites were given everything they needed, but they continued to go in the opposite direction of what God was doing.  God provides.  Israelites build altars.  God gives green grass.  The Israelites offer unacceptable sacrifices.  The trend here and easily in my own life is that I miss the bigger picture of how God has me planted right where I am.  The Israelites did not need anything else in life, but they wanted more.. and they wanted everything on their terms.

Last night I was at a Backstreet Boys concert. Holla! It was fantastic! But as I was sitting there singing my heart out, I was reminded that this is my life right now.  The Holy Spirit stopped me in that moment to remind me that this is the grass I am planted on now and that I should enjoy it.  As a 29 year old single girl, I do some pretty awesome things.  My life is full of adventure, and family, and friends, and laughter.  For a split second, I thought about all the things I am able to do right now - whether it be accomplishments of physical strength in exercise, or financially saving, or traveling well.  I am able to do it.  (This is not to say that married folks don't enjoy this, but I think on some level it's different.)

Joy comes when we are at peace with where God has us not because of our circumstances, but because we know that it is Him who has brought us to where we currently are.  He has saved us and fashioned a plan specifically for each of us.  Being at rest with where God has me, allows me to enjoy the small things a little more rather than sweating the larger things like the man, the house, and the family.  

I am thankful how God answered my prayer and revealed Himself to me.. even in the middle of a Backstreet Boys concert.  It made me sing a little louder and dance just a little more!  He is good to me. And He is gracious to me.. His daughter, Erin.

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