Friday, August 23, 2013

Confession Friday: A Perfect Day

Who knew Friday could come so quickly! I'm heading to SC for the weekend, and I am OH. SO. EXCITED.  I really really really just want to sit on my parents' couch and watch more reality TV than the mind can handle. Amen? Amen! 

On with the confessions, today's topic from Leslie at A Blonde Ambition is our perfect day. Now, of course, this has to be all within reason folks!  I like to call these perfect little days "Erin Days".  On the rare occassion Saturday, it comes just about close to a perfect day.. but here's how this would look:

8ish - Wake up and go for a run outside in not so hot weather. 

Bible reading and journaling on the porch with some pecan pancakes for breakfast.

Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda.  That's about the only hour of the Today Show I can commit too. They just went all crazy on the other parts.

Meet a friend or two for lunch at Chickfila. 
And my meal would look something like this, because calories don't count on Erin Day!
A little shopping at Target and LOFT.

And getting my hair did. Because there is nothing like it. Thankfully
Holly is available on Monday to just take care of this mess.

And what perfect day doesn't end with a trip to the State Fair.  The Fair gets me excited.. 
state fair, parking lot fair, a single pony ride... it just makes me happy.

Oh, and don't forget the cheeseburger and fried pecan pie.. Oh yeah.

Erin Day is complete!

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  1. hmmm your Erin day looks a lot like a Kelly day... with the exception of the 8am run.. Kelly days involve sleeping till 11am on a sat. ha!