Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday y'all! Oh, long weekend I've been waiting for you so! But then there's the ugly realization that summer is over.  Ugly.  Thankfully, I like the fall season.  If summer went straight to winter, then there would be come kind of problem on our/my dear hands.  Here's five things to take me to the weekend:

ONE - First of the season.  It's never too early for this.  Never too early, yet I'm over it by October.

TWO - Today's Devotion - The importance of staying steadfast in worshipping God despite circumstances.  Are we going to stop worshipping God in during times of discontentment?  Will we stop worshipping God when he grants us desires of our hearts?

THREE - The heavens declare His glory and His presence.  I took this picture back home in the SC.  No filter folks.  Just beauty.

FOUR - Speaking of the SC.. we got a win. And I will gladly say, "Carolina won."  You can call it what you want to when you're the winner!  Confession:  I'm really missing Sportscenter and ESPN.  With all of my years of the brother hogging the TV, I thought I'd never say that.. but I'm missing it.

FIVE - Headed to the Capitol in just a few short hours for that Loonnnnggg weekend.  


Relax a little or alot !!

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