Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Working Hard Like Britney

Summer was a busy one y'all.  It's how I like it, but boy did it go by fast! I made a few things happen over the course of the 3 months.. Making things happen like Britney Spears making a comeback in 07.  You've gotta work hard for stuff!

#19. Watch Top Gun and The Breakfast Club.
You know, I just kind of had some time on my hands.
Two birds. One stone. And some other 80's classics as well.
Livin' the good life in the sky.

#7.  Eat a hot dog from Snoopy's.

#30. Learn how to knit.

#22.  Learn how to do a fishtail braid.

#18.  Go to a food truck rodeo.

To say I was overwhelmed, would be an understatement.
Who knew the possibilities of food coming from a truck!?

#2. Go to Washington, DC.

My heart was in a little happy place all weekend long!  
                       And the history teacher within re-emerged.  Uh oh.                         

Moving on to Fall!

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