Monday, July 1, 2013

The Voice of God

The voice of Satan rushes you, pushes you, frightens you, confuses you, discourages you, worries you, obsesses you and condemns you.

The voice of God stills you, leads you, reassures you, enlightens you, encourages you, comforts you, calms you, and convicts you.

Let's be real, or at least I'll be real - It is easy for me to listen to the voice of Satan rather than the voice of God.  I don't know what it has been the past two days but the voice of Satan has just been screaming at me. And I'm listening.  He likes to play this ugly game where we square ourselves up against other.  He whispers in our ear how much we are lacking.  Am I godly enough?  Am I pretty enough?  Am I not wife material?  Am I stupid?  Am I wreck?  Will I ever make it to where they are?  I think I am safe in saying that I'm not the only one who battles out these questions from time to time.  I was sitting in the middle of church yesterday, and the questions just started rolling out.  I think the one that brought me to tears was: Am I not godly enough?  And then the hamster on a wheel begins to run in place, and the questions pile on one after the other.  It's the voice of Satan.  And I was listening.  I listened all day in fact .. until yesterday became absolutely one of the longest days of the year for me.  I wanted to wake up and start new.  July 1st what a perfect day to rid myself of those questions.  

I hate this ugly game that Satan plays.  I hate that we follow right in line and succumb to it.  I had to remind myself this morning on the way to work what the voice of God is to me.

The voice of God chose me and called me out.
The voice of God calls me beautiful.
The voice of God is Truth.
The voice of God is my comfort.
The voice of God is my reward and my shield.
The voice of God leads me through the desert.
The voice of God tells me to be still.
The voice of God tells me of the plans He has.
The voice of God calls me His own.
The voice of God says His grace is sufficient for me.
The voice of God responds to my cry.
The voice of God forgives me.
The voice of God calms me.
The voice of God tells me to be confident in Him.
The voice of God goes before me.

I want to hear His voice! I want to walk in His ways.  It's like that song by Casting Crowns (I think) .. "I will choose to listen and believe!" 
I don't want to fall in line with the enemy's games any longer. 

"Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God."  Romans 4:20