Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For the Love of Prague

So much to tell, and so little time! And being a girl of many words.. well, that's going to be a problem!

I have been to Prague 3 times. Three. TIMES! I can barely believe it myself.  Every time I leave, I honestly say to myself, "Well this will be the last time I see that."  Then a year later I find myself back in the exact same place. - Wenceslas Square.  God is funny like that.  And He is good like that.

To catch you up on this trip, I have to honestly say that I really did not prepare for this trip like I had in the past.  That resulted in quite the break down Monday morning. I didn't want to be there. I was ready to go home. There were tears.  It was ugly. Ugly.  But God's grace is sufficient.  I know it was a combination of being tired and in a different place and not having prepared spiritually for the trip and Satan had a field day. But the Lord used that moment to turn the week into something great.  Brian and Allie moved to Barrandov, a part of Prague, with the goal of building community and reaching unbelievers in that area.  Everything we did last week was geared towards building relationships. - picking up trash, passing out water, working in the schools, English club, Movie night.. everything.

And I got to see all of that play out.. Petra was in the after school English club at school.  The next day she walked in the coffee shop with her parents where we were beginning adult English club.  I waved.  She waved.  She pointed out Brian to her parents because he was her teacher.  The parents ended up staying for English club.  The parents came the next night to the school program.  Now the parents want to hang out more this summer.  I had one of those moments later that night where I thought- This is all making sense now.  This is how God wants us to meet people.  He wants us to meet them where they are and serve them out of our love for him.  Our love for Him is what attracts them to Him.  That was pretty wordy, but I think you are smart enough to get it!  I hear it all the time: Be intentional.  It's the truth.  Mission trips aren't meant to be this spiritual high.  I try to take away something that I can apply to my walk and continue walking in that way. That's how it is meant to be.

And in case you were wondering, the flight was so fun.  I finally watched Top Gun.  And then I stayed in the 80's with Sleeping With the Enemy and When Harry Met Sally... all the while sipping on a coke and eating chocolate chip cookies.. Living that good life up in the air.


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