Friday, June 7, 2013

For the Love of Flying

Oh, how I love a good plane ride!

For a girl who thought she'd never get on a plane in her life, I've come a long way.  It's all about the ride, the destination, and those little bags of peanuts.  So here's to flying and my love for it...

My Reasons for the love of THIS Game...  haha

  • Ahhh.. the Destination - Knowing and/or not knowing where you are going.  Fingers crossed: This will happen soon.  The "Not Knowing" part.
  • Being a Tourist and the excitement that mounts while on the little plane ride. 
  • The beverage cart aka "The complimentary beverage cart" - There is nothing complimentary about that. So if I want apple juice AND a water, well I'm just going to ask for it.  That's right - 9 out of 10 flights, I always get apple juice. My own very little present on the average 2 hr. plane ride. 
  • The little TV - I've lucked up on one plane ride to have my own personal TV.  It was the JAM!  I watched Fast Five and Life As We Know It as part of my "Entertain Erin on an 11hr Flight" show. It was heaven.
  • A Window seat - For reals.
  • The Food. Ok yes, that's a little weird, I know. But sometimes they can surprise you. And the little butter for the rolls is so cute!
  • Reading a good book. Let's get real, you are stuck and can't do much of anything.  You can force yourself to pick up that good book that you just haven't had time for.  Was I an excited girl when I got to the library last night and realized it was still open?  Yes. I. Was.
  • The getting home part.  By the time the flight to, getaway, and flight from are over, I am worn out.  It just comes to that point where you're like.. It's time.  And just maybe one day... there will be a sign at the end of that flight of someone who is really excited to see me when I get home.

And with that, I think I will fly tomorrow.. maybe to the heart of Europe.

See y'all!

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