Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brought to you by the iPhone

Today's blog is brought to you by the iPhone. Not the letter P,W, or R.. but the iPhone because I'm finally dumping some pictures at you.  Just a few.. no need to get all cray cray.

Here's a quick little 30 Before 30 update:
# 29 -  I purchased my very own computer, or so you've heard already!
# 12 -  I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies - SUCCESSFULLY! You know, like Phoebe's grandmama's secret recipe.. Yeah, that's what I did. 

photo.JPG  photo.JPG

Yeah, that's right.. We may have said Hey Boys! before we snapped this picture.  If we didn't, we sure should have!  I do believe we could give ole smokin' hot Ryan Gosling a run for his money.  I digress. To your left is the snap to begin our last little road trip as 3 besties.  Um, yeah we don't call ourselves that.. Someone else started that notion.  Road trip: Durham. Because y'all know that it's a whole other world over there!  Lindsay had never been to the Gardens or campus.  Please, I was trying to see Jon Scheyer in the whole mix BUT campus police tried to stop that real quick for us!
This beauty was my badge for National Running Day!.. Yesterday.. and see the very beginning of this little post to understand.  I did not, in fact, run yesterday.  I did, in fact, eat a grilled cheese ... and cookies... and cheetos... Like. I. Was. 5.  Running Day is for those who really run and need a day off.  Sheesh... didn't ya know!

And finally - today's post has been brought to you by the iPhone.  Bringing you pictures of my random, beautiful life.

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