Thursday, May 30, 2013

Praying for Your Future Husband

If you couldn't already tell by the title, this is going to be a post for the ladies.  And that's alright because I think I'm pretty safe in assuming that what little audience I have, is in fact girls.  God has been so faithful lately.  He is always faithful, but I want to share a word.  Alright, preach now. haha.

I have had those moments where I lack so much faith.  About three months ago, I heard a Sunday School lesson where Moses called God at His word.  Moses reminded God of His love for His people and His promise to never destroy them.  Moses reminded God that the other nations would scoff at God and not believe if he destroyed His treasured people.  PS- God didn't need to be reminded.  I think this was more of a moment when Moses recognized who God was and His faithfulness.  That Sunday I took our lesson for what it was.  Me in my little bit of faith needed to call out God and ask Him to show himself to me.  I'm not a name and claim it kind of girl.  But I was and have been claiming alot!  I have been in tears begging, and I mean begging, for God to show Himself to me. Something like: "Hey God, I'm gonna need for you to do something crazy and show me that you hear me!"  Isn't that crazy? I know it is. I am not even denying it.  But I wanted/want so very badly to hear from the Lord and His direction. I think I've written a few posts about this already.  Sorry for the retweet.  But He has been good and continues to answer my prayers specifically. So with that being said, let's get to the title of this post.. shall we?

I think it is important to pray for the future husband.  Praying for him now moves you to place of relying on the Lord to orchestrate the relationship.  Praying for him now readys him for the leadership later.  Praying for him now opens your eyes to what God is doing in your life, others, and possibly that future boy.  I think I will call him just "the boy" one day.  These are my prayers:

- I pray that the orchestration of our relationship would be a testimony to God's glory and His direction.
- I pray that the boy would be a strong spiritual leader for our family.
- I pray that the boy would teach our children about Jesus.
- I pray that the boy would be selfless and a servant.
- I pray that he would make me laugh and be able to have a conversation with me.
- I pray that he would love his family well.
- I pray that he would love God more than me.
- I pray that he will honor my desire for sexual purity before marriage.
- I pray that he would desire and honor sexual purity before marriage as well.
- I pray that our relationship would be one which points others to Christ.
- I pray that he would pursue me as Christ pursues the church.
- I pray that he would be protective of our marriage and shield his eyes and thoughts from other distractions.
- I pray that God would reveal the boy to me and provide affirmation through His Word, others around me, and the boy himself.
- I pray that the boy would be honest, loyal, and trustworthy.

Esther went before the king's throne to ask that her people be saved [in a round about way].  We can find just as much courage to go before our King - THE King and ask for him to show Himself to us in mighty ways!

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