Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girls are like cats

Oh, but I certainly don't like cats.  I don't like them for the very reason that this post is going to cover.  They are fickle and all over the place and let's get real, sometimes, they just stare.  A couple of weeks ago I was attending Summit, and JD was preaching through his series about relationships in Ephesians.  At some point during the service, he made quite the witty comparison of men and women to dogs and cats.  He said men are like dogs.. they just need to be fed, praised, and played with.  However, women are like cats.. what works the first time, won't work the second or third time.  I mean for real, we are like cats.

PS- I used to be a cat person.  We always had one when I was little, but then came the little dog Flash into the yard.. and now Maggie.. and well dogs just aren't cray cray like cats.  Hidden agendas and all.  And that's why we are like cats, ladies!

PPS- I am not at all saying we are crazy.. Well, some of the time we are, but we tend to keep life fun and interesting like a cat playing with a ball of yarn.  The end of that.

In other news, my Bible study group is going to be starting Nehemiah next week.  We had another one in mind; but by God's intervention and Lifeway not having the needed book on the shelf, we must need to be doing some Nehemiah!

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  1. Loved JD's analogy and really excited about Nehemiah!