Thursday, May 23, 2013

You can't eat applesauce with a fork

Yes, I tried. I tried to eat applesauce with a fork.  I had some applesauce for lunch and naturally a fork was what I was already using to eat the actual meal.  And well, the applesauce kind of slips through the cracks on the fork.  And then I realized.. you just can't eat applesauce with a fork.  And as random as that was.. so is this blog entry.

I came across this the other day.  In case you didn't know, I am officially loving Ben Rector.. not in a Imgonnastealyourwife kind of way, but a Heistoofunnyandgreat kind of way.  I laughed at this blog excerpt because I love a New Year's and well it just is never really awesome as described here...
"I don't like New Year's all that much but I've been told a New Year's blog is in order. I don't want be too curmudgeonly. I like it in principle, but in practice it always looks a lot less like awesome and a lot more like some type of party where a group of people who are outwardly enjoying themselves are, on the inside, wondering what you are really supposed to do on New Year's other than eat too many hors d'oeuvres and wait to count backwards from 10 and go home. I think the root of the problem here is that New Year's Eve isn't an actual holiday."  -Ben Rector

I really get curious every so often and want to know who is reading my blog.  And then there's this little map.  And I see that someone is reading in India. WHO IS READING IN INDIA?

I have accomplished buying a computer as part of my 30 Before 30 list.  I went to Chickfila last night and connected my iPhone with my iTunes on MY VERY OWN COMPUTER.  Can you hear the choir singing? because I sure could last night.  I felt like a new woman and was walking a little taller.  Now, I won't be getting those hater "Backup Your Phone" messages that the little brainiacs of Apple send my way.

Navy has become a dominant color in my wardrobe. I always think Jackie O. and classic when I see something navy. And may even venture to think nautical.  But anyways.. navy goes a long way because it practically matches every fun color of jewelry. With that said, my navy is going a loooooong way.. LOFT roped me in and I got a navy short dress today. Not to be confused with the navy long dress I wore earlier this week, and the navy short skirt I'm wearing today... annndddd the navy maxi skirt in my closet.  I think I need to stop.

And remember when Thursday was college night.. yeaahhhhh.. No more college nights. Please.

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