Friday, May 17, 2013

Confession Friday

Whoa! Haven't done one of these in a long time.  But the weekend is here, and the sun is out! So what the heck! On with the confessions!

I confess that I wanted to have some sort of victory celebration with fist pumps and streamers this morning when I was successfully able to unlock the front door at work.

A follow up to the previous confession: I confess that I LOVE my job! -- Door and all.

I confess that I bought a ticket to go see the Backstreet Boys this summer.  I mean, let's think about this.. Once a fan, always a fan.

I confess that I can not flirt.  Sad but true story.  The end.

I confess that I have wanted a cookie sundae from Chickfila since Tuesday. Still. Haven't. Gotten. It. Ugh!

I confess that I am not patiently waiting on the Lord. But He keeps moving me forward.

I confess that I have eaten a hot dog at least two mornings this week for breakfast. Isn't that gross? I know I shake my head too.  It was the monster.. I promise.  But that's what these little confessions are all about.  Air out that dirty laundry!

On a completely different but similar note, if that is even possible, I have a little something from Ezra for you.  I was reading this morning about how God allowed some of the Israelites to return to Egypt along with Ezra to rebuild the temple.  God moved the heart of King Artaxerxes to allow this. (Please, yes I had to look that up.)  God's gracious hand has allowed the Israelites to return.  They are thankful but somehow along the way have intermarried with foreign peoples. Ezra cries out in recognition of their sin. Praying to God for their forgiveness.  Recognizing their sin, the Israelites IMMEDIATELY do something about it.  I mean they do away with the foreign wives.  It wasn't even a question.  They knew they had sinned.  I was just encouraged in His Word this morning of how repentance is supposed to be immediate.  We don't just hang in our sin, but push it out and recognize that God is strengthening us for more.

That was the blurp..

Have a good weekend folks.. I hope to get my life together - computer, room, and some much needed sun on these legs. I can't take it, I tell ya!

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