Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This is my life

Whoa! It's been a while. All within good reason.  I really have been praying about the direction of this blog.  For the past two years, I've been trying to figure out that direction.  This is what it's come to: I want it to be a testimony to the life that God has called me too.  Who knew that two years ago when I started this blog and changed it to the title "This is my Life" that it would appropriately fit with my goal for the blog on this end.  Here we go... This is my life...

God has just been doing a serious work in my life.  Since graduating from seminary, I have felt like all of my jobs were just a matter of "getting by."  I applied for a quite a few jobs since then.  I would imagine close to 200 jobs. Literally and seriously all together! Each time was quite a disappointment when it would get to the interview and then nothing.  I started back at SECU in Apr. 2012 knowing that this was a skill I could do.  I finally came to a place where I was content with just moving along the trail at the credit union. 

But I have been doing this Ruth Bible study that is just rocking my socks! Kelly highlights how Naomi encouraged Ruth to put on her best clothes to go to Boaz.  This is not to seduce him but more of a recognition that she is moving past the phase of mourning.  We can sit in our slump all day long, but God asks us to move forward and to take that step out of mourning, striving, repitition etc.  I ended up going home twice during the week and crying after work.  My tears were tears of exhaustion.  The whole time I cried, I felt like God was just reminding me that something was coming, and I just had to wait.  .  I wasn't doing anything to go in that direction.  I had also been praying about a job that would allow me to work independently of others. That probably doesn't make sense, but I wanted to be responsible for my own work. The following Monday I was at work just thinking about that lesson.  I would like another job but kind of expected God to just plop it in my life

I went on the NC Convention website and saw a posting for the Biblical Recorder.  It was a Circulation manager position.  I sent my resume in with a quick email.  Honestly I did not expect to hear anything back.  But I just prayed that He would direct.  I got an email about 30 minutes later asking for a quick phone conversation.  I talked with the editor the next day (Tuesday).  He asked me to come in for an interview on Wednesday.  I interviewed which was the best interview I've had!  He called me on Friday to offer me the job.  That was quick y'all! I know that it was truly God's timing in it all.  He answered my prayers specifically.  I can see how previous opportunities did not work out and know that this is definitely why!

Thank you for all your prayers!!

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