Thursday, March 28, 2013

Island Time

Because I want to write about 2 totally different things today, I'm just going to have to divide and conquer! Divide = 2 posts for your delight and my writing frenzied brain.

Cruise cruise cruise cruise cruise.. I still think I am on island time, and sometimes I can feel the boat rocking. That may be a problem, but I just think it means I need to go again! Oh the joy of being on the beach in Jamaica or Cozumel again.  The highlights:

* Goal accomplished.. I was the first to hit the dance floor one night!

* Fooooooddddd - Oh my goodness! 2 desserts every night and a soft serve icecream stand at the pool.

* Jamaica - My favorite place of the whole shebang.  The Mclain family got hooked up, and we spent the day at an all inclusive resort.  It blows my mind how another part of the world functions and looks.  Blue water. White sand. Island music. Sun. Beautiful.  Confession: There was a brief discussion about trying some pot brownies.  Yeah, it's illegal. But a girl can always wonder.

* Snorkeling - I squealed quite a few times when those fish came at my face.  I have my daddy and Jaws to thank for my dread of sea creatures.

* Spending time with Lindsay and Amanda .. doing something we love.. Traveling and Seeing new things!

* AND.. on a cruise ship of 4000... I spied some SC boys. There was no outward sign indicating such a thing. I just had a hunch. So I asked. And SC boys they were.  I was proud that I could spot them in the big ole crowd :)

Pictures will come eventually.. I promise.

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