Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter and Ruth

I've been doing a Bible study on Tuesday nights called Ruth.  Kelly Minter is the author.  This has been such a good study for me to just view the book of Ruth on another level and spend some time with some great girls.  We have dinner at one another's house and talk about the previous week's lessons. It ends up being 2 hours later before we know it! 

With it being Easter this weekend, it was fun that we hit the kinsmen-redeemer part of the study THIS week. Talk about a bit of an emotional overload. I teared up a few times over the course of this week's study.  The story of Boaz prepares us for Jesus, the Messiah! How beautiful! Lots of exclamation points because it makes me all so excited.

Boaz invited Ruth, a Moabitess, to his table to eat.  She was unworthy of such an invitation because of her ethnicity.
Jesus invites us to His table to partake in the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  We are unworthy in our sinful state but made righteous because of Him.

Boaz met Ruth's physical needs.  He provided sustanence for now.
Jesus meets our spiritual needs.   He provides sustanence for ever, saving our souls.

Under Levitical law, a kinsmen-redeemer restores the clan and keeps the familial relationship thriving by marrying a widowed woman.
Jesus is our kinsmen-redeemer who restores our broken relationship with God that exists because of our sinful nature.

Under Levitical law, a kinsmen-redeemer purchases a family member out of slavery, so they will not have to be in bondage to another family.
Jesus is our kinsmen-redeemer in that He rescues us from slavery to sin. We are free.  Satan has been defeated.

Happy Easter!

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