Monday, November 5, 2012

Come and Follow

Last night when we got home from Wilmington (PS- Amanda completed her first Half Marathon!!), we saw that our apartment door was open. I can't even begin to describe the rush of emotions that came over me in that very moment. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't bring myself to cry. I wanted to scream. All of these pictures came to find of my stuff being gone, or it being all over the apartment. It wasn't the thought of losing my material goods that made me want to cry. It was the thought that someone had come in our apartment. I was no longer in control of my tidy, little 2 bedroom apartment... and not in control of who entered it. 

I think that's the story of my life lately. Only appropriate title right.  Every day I realize more and more how little control I have over the situations in my life. I am a control freak, and last night was the inner-fear of that control being taken away from me.  I am thankful that every day I am realizing this. God is teaching me daily and because of that I can rejoice- Praise Him, for how He is working in my life. 

The deal is..and I go through this every year - Move or stay? Same job or new job? I wrote a post about this a month or so ago about trying to figure out the next steps in life and not falling short on the gifts God has given me.  That's awesome I think; but the crazy, out of my control part is when I don't know what's next.  I want to run and call my friends and family -- which is what I wanted to do last night. I want to tell them my job woes. And then I am reminded of what John talks about in his gospel account: "Come and follow." Jesus is continuously calling people to Come! .. Come!.. All I have to do is go to Him. Jesus is asking me to do that. I am reminded of that and hope to be continuously reminded of that when things spin out of control. Thankful for Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

For you detectives out there: nothing was missing from the apartment. Apparently I thought I had locked the door, but it didn't turn all the way. So it must have popped open when I pulled the key out without me noticing. At least I hope that's how it happened.

Going to get the hair did today... FINALLY!

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