Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jesus and Chocolate

I have fallen in love ..  with having the same little snack every night after dinner.  I have like the biggest sweet tooth ever and embarrassingly enough my credit card bill from the first of the year shows just how big of a sweet tooth it is. But anyways.. my new little snack is the little chocolate Bunnies and chocolate chips.. Just chocolate chips straight up haha. Only thing missing is a glass of milk :) This girl doesn't need flowers; just bring on the chocolate chips or the cookies. It's that simple. But I find it so funny that I am satisfied with this simple little snack. I've figured out the dirty little trick though: the more you eat chocolate... well... the more you crave it!

You all know this little verse found in Psalm 34: "Taste and see that the Lord is good!"  I never fully understood why women's retreats always used this verse and connected it with chocolate... CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE! Either they weren't making the connection strong enough, or I was always out of it [which I don't doubt]. But I get it! Finally! The more you taste chocolate, then the more you want it.  The more you spend time with the Lord, the more you want Him! And God has certainly been faithful to me over the past couple of days!

I have been reading through Matthew this week and just seeing how much Jesus truly loved people. I know that's like a DUH! comment. But really.. we don't love people as near as much as we should. Also.. I sit here and wonder and worry and fuss and fight with God on a regular basis.. more than necessary.. ok, we should never fight against God.  But I was thinking on the way home from the mountains ... "Why do I do this???" And immediately the Lord brought this to mind: Confidence is where the Lord has you.  I can be confident because this is where God has me. I don't need to worry about where I'm going to work, or if I am ministering effectively to others around me, or even what I look like. -- Because confidence comes from the Lord and being right in the center of His will and delighting in that. None of this probably even makes sense, but I hope you understand a little of where I'm coming from.

Anyways.. Hope you are enjoying your chocolate and Jesus too!

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  1. Get out of my head! lol Chocolate chips are my fav sweet snack too! I can even count out how many to eat per how ever many Weight Watchers points I'm looking to use. But I always have to have some kind of milk with it. Yum. :)