Friday, October 12, 2012

First Dates.. Low Expectations

There isn't a Confession Friday today.. Maybe I've aired out my dirty little secrets. So, I have a new topic. First dates. Cringe.

I was telling Adam M. to go into reading my blog with low expectations kind of like a first day. So the conversation went like this:

Me: Go into reading the blog with low expectations ...kinda like a first date.
Adam: You must have never gone on the right first date.

LATER that night ...

Me: So you go into first dates with low expectations, right?
Amanda: Yeah, who doesn't.

AND SO.. HERE WE GO! Various first dates.. Though I haven't had many.. You will now know why there are low expectations on a first date.

Date #1- FIRST DATE EVER! He surprised me by taking me to my favorite restaurant in Florence -- Red Bone Alley [which I didn't know he knew that fun fact!] and to a movie.. and I fell asleep.. Yeah, that's my fault.

Date #2 - This guy in college wanted to take me on a date. I had just gotten out of a relationship something, but he still wanted to take me out... So .. he took me to Red Bone Alley. I'm seeing a pattern. That was not a terrible first date but was rather thoughtful and a school night, so nothing else went on.

Date #3 - Wendy's. We were just "hanging out".  I believe he bought my baked potato. I don't remember the first date we had when we actually started dating.. but apparently it wasn't awesome.

Date #4- Guy comes to visit me in Florence for what I thought was a date. Please! He wanted to go to Sonic, and then watch a movie at my house -- to which I invited my roommate to come watch too. He gets mad. He checks my cupboards and refrigerator to make sure I wasn't lying about not being a drinker.  I sent him packing his way back to Cola.

Date #5- Guy comes to visit me in Wake Forest for like a date-ish type deal. When they travel a distance, its a date folks. But he came with one shoe on. My goodness. Some how he managed to drive two and a half hours -- passed multiple Walmarts and Targets on Capital alone -- and just thought it would be okay to have one shoe on. UNacceptable. Needless to say I made him go buy some shoes.. then we went to lunch.. then he went home.

Maybe I'm harsh. But seriously!?!? This is why I have low expectations on a first date. The end.

This is my life... and that up there is sad...

Have a good weekend.. Heading South with the Besties :)

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