Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Place Where Darlings Come From

I was FINALLY able to show the besties "the place where darlings come from." No, we don't call it that.. But there's a story. There always is.  Apparently this guy was asking where I was from. I responded with "Darlington." Lindsay heard him say "Is that where darlings come from?" I wasn't picking up on that line.  Our journey started with Chickfila and line dancing on Friday night! So fun.. that's something we enjoy  - this little place we went was Florence's version of Nashville's Wild Horse Saloon. Haha that was a road trip two years ago! Saturday was filled with Sweet Potato festival.. eating.. shopping.. and more eating...When I say we ate, I mean we ATE! haha. I was able to take the besties to some of my favorite eating establishments Heavenly Ham and Red Bone Alley. They were satisfied customers! But who knew they would get most excited about a Quincy's yeast roll!?! For real!

And this bright idea came to me over the weekend: The three of us should be Monica, Rachael, and Phoebe for Halloween... HELLO! AWESOME!!

This is my life...

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