Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Get that Mountain Dew!

Are you two sisters? ... Every single time!

This past weekend I went with Amanda to visit her college town.I've never been to Western, so it was a whole other part of the world that I've never seen :) I am so glad I went because I don't know if I have laughed that hard in quite a while! 

We stopped in Statesville Friday night at Amanda's parents' house.  They are our rest stop.. our hotel haha. But her mama told us the sweetest little story, and I've been thinking about ever since.. so I will share.  Mrs. Darlene has a coworker is in her 40's who had dated someone for quite a while but knew he wasn't the right man for her. She had been praying that God would bring her the right one and felt it was right to end that relationship.  In other words at this point she was looking for anyone. Well, a man she went to high school with knew she was looking for a part time job and asked her to join his cleaning business.  The lady never thought too much of the man and certainly didn't want a relationship.  He began to flirt with her, but she quickly called his attention to stop because she thought he was married and also wanted to make it clear that she was not interested! He respected her decision but also informed her that he was no longer married and hadn't been for several years.  One night she was praying that God would bring a man into her life that she could love him like Jesus loves.  She just wanted to see this man God had for her as Jesus saw him.  The next day she said it was like the scales had been removed, and she saw how godly of man her boss/coworker truly was.  They began dating and are now engaged.  I tell that story because it meant so much to me.  How often do I think I desire this or that in a man? When what I really need is someone who is godly, a leader, and loves me. My prayer is now for God to help me love others as Jesus loves them... and not the way I in my self-centered ways sees people.  -- That goes for dating relationships, friends, family, and even coworkers.

Side Note: I LOVE gas stations and their snacks. I don't know why, but I get so stinkin' excited. Well, Amanda and I probably paced that entire store a good 3 or 4 times and came out with all this stuff. I mean we had just eaten lunch .. but it was a gas station!

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