Tuesday, October 30, 2012


October 30th.. October 30th!!

First - Happy Birthday to my Reese Cup! I love you mama!

Second- Today is the day. Yes, THE DAY! A year ago today there was this stink in the Columns where they said that I caused a fire and thence the flooding of 3 apartments. At the moment between roommates, I had no insurance to cover a thing! It was ugly... Let me replay a conversation with Apartment Manager Pat:

Pat: Do you realize the damage you have caused? You have destroyed 3 apartments and displaced 3 families?
Me: But I didn't do that. It's not my fault.
Pat: Yes it is. That's what the fireman said.
Me: [Balling uncontrollably at this point] I am going to have to hang up with you because you are making me really mad. And I don't need to be talking to you. [Click.]

And as of right now, it is not our fault. AMEN!

Third- It has been a solid month since I have weighed myself. I just want to shout that one from the roof tops because God is good! The way we view ourselves can be ugly. Ugly as in detrimental. I don't need to go into details, but I will say this. It is sin. It is a disobedience to God when we do not accept what He has uniquely created - us! I am so thankful that He doesn't leave us alone in repentance, but He helps us. Thank you Lord! We have to claim those victories.. We have to claim God's work in our lives!

Fourth - The lovely books I've read... Not Bad - BUT "The Gospel for Real Life" was my favorite!


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