Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happiness Is: Halloween

As if I wasn't already a holiday freak, I do like Halloween! 
Don't freak out.. I'm no devil worshipper.
But I do like it. And there are little Happys that make
my Halloween.. well.. Happy!
And just to delight you.. Here are my legit reasons:

- Costumes. I love a good reason to put on a costume. And secretly like 
to perfect the art of dressing up. Sadly, there were no costume parties
this year, but these were my ideas: Kelly Kapowski or a Rockford Peach.
I would lean more toward the Rockford Peach because I DO LOVE that movie!

- Fun Size candy - I like all small things. Even a cute little jar of Duke's.
But Halloween offers the option of all things small: Take 5, a little
3 Musketeers, and my personal favorite- THE Kit Kat!

- Candy Corn - Love it!

- Pumpkins - I painted a cute little witch this year

- And I do love a good holiday episode of my favorite TV shows.
Jordy and I used to love watching the Halloween and
Christmas ones. - Family Matters, Full House, Saved By the Bell.
So stay tuned... haha But
for Halloween.. This is it [for me].

We wll know Kelly would've been better off
if should would've just gone to the party
as a nun!

Happy Halloween Folks!

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  1. 90210 halloween episode was great! except the part where Kelly Taylor almost gets date raped! ah!