Monday, October 29, 2012

My Spaghetti Brain

I don't even like spaghetti! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll eat it with some garlic bread, but it's not my favorite. And I digress.. hence today's title.  This is just a bit of what's been going on in Erin's world. Yep, I do believe I just referred to myself in 3rd person.

This past weekend I was able to see one of my friends from college, and I was so excited to see her! Vaughn and I traveled to Mebane to meet up with Jessie [who now lives in Greensboro].  Jessie graduated a few years after Vaughn and I from the good ole' FMU. But we all went to Passion 06 together and did EVERYTHING BCM together. We hadn't seen Jessie in well over 2 years. The awesome part is that we were just able to pick up right from two years ago. I think this is the awesome bond of sisters in Christ. When each of you have Jesus in your life, there is no awkwardness. You have that instant connection as friends and sisters.  We just sat in the Subway at the Mebane outlets and talked for like 2 hours.  For whatever reason, we all just aired our junk and came to the conclusion that none of us have it together.  I think we were all relieved to know that we were all in similar but different places in life. All clinging to our hope in Jesus and walk with Him.  Those friend connections that stay connected beyond time and place in life just warm my little Southern heart when I am able to be around those friends.

We had our D-group Friday night at my apartment. Surely the Lord just puts words in my mouth when I am talking becasue after it's done.. I'm like "Whoa! Where did that come from?" But.. we were talking about confession. Confession of sin helps us realize where we fall short .. but then it should lead to our recognition of the need for Jesus.. His holiness and His righteousness.. which then leads to our thanksgiving and praise to Him.. for Him.. for salvation.

Don't think I didn't get to those outlets and didn't get something! I got a dress and skirt -- that's how I. MAKE. THINGS. WORK.

I have been reading books that are set in the city! .. The city being the BIG CITY. The New York. I think about it often and how nice it would be to live there and run through the park and meet all sorts of new people. Not to mention there always being something to do. And I have this dancing with the unicorns moment! And then it all comes crashing down.. down.. down.. And I think of how my feet hurt SO bad on the stinkin' Highline.. and how awful the Subway smelled. And how it snows more in NY than its really sunny. And then it's no longer a dancing with unicorns moment, but rather a crash and burn moment. And then I think.. Oh I'll just go visit BOSTON!

This is my spaghetti life...
Tomorrow.. the Countdown is complete :) or beginning.. whichever!

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