Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's Tuesday, and yes I do realize the weekend ended on Sunday. But a recap I will give. 

Friday night, Lindsay and I were invited to a birthday dinner for a new friend, Jacki. I ate spinach in my pasta y'all! Big steps for this girl. But it was good. I think we both enjoyed meeting new people. It is such a small circle this little seminary world operates in, but I was glad to meet new folks :) We played this game .. Well, it was called Smart Ass [because there is a donkey on it] But such a cute little game. I prided myself on the fact that I answered the question for Richard Nixon correctly AND was able to answer "MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!" within only two clues - Born in Maryland and birth year was 1985. I maaaayyyy have stalked him out around Olympics time.

Saturday --hmmmm I really can't remember what I did but I know it was some errands and then Fall Bucket List - Corn Maze! I got to carry the emergency flag through the maze for a little bit. I carried that thing like I was proudly carrying the VBS flag. hahaha. I don't know why that was so funny to me. Followed by dinner at Cameron Village and Sonic. I think I was a little tired because in the driving situation -- Amanda and I ended up BACK in Garner. Yeah, you know.. Scotty's watertower town.. By pure mistake. Needless to say, gas was wasted.

Sunday was birthday lunch with Mrs. Bush. She wanted THE Cracker Barrel, which she loves. I was just hungry at that point in the game. We used to do that all the time when people would holler at her to get them from the airport, so we journeyed back over there again. In case you were wondering, the green beans - DELIGHTFUL :) I know most people don't go out to eat and just say, "Let me get at some good green beans!." But these are good! And then, I walked around Southeastern for about an hr. And then... Cookout at Paul's house. Yes, well.. I just want to say that the sweet potato casserole was jammin', and Lindsay will be preparing that for Thanksgiving festivities.. or this week if she'd like. Amanda says "He says he going to the beach." And I'm still laughing about that.

The weekend was busy.. only 4 days til the next one!
THis is my life :)

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