Friday, September 28, 2012

Confession Friday

FRIDAY! You've never sounded so sweet! It is Confession Friday.. It's been a couple of weeks!

#1 I confess... I turn left when there is a red arrow. No one is coming, and I'm usually late for work if I don't!

#2 I  confess ...I have eaten a sandwich for the last 7 out of 8 meals. It's all I want!

#3 I confess... When I was reading my book about Elizabeth Smart, I couldn't read it when I was in the apartment by myself. AND I checked the closets and showers. Too scared!

#4 I confess... My dream car is a BMW with black rims.

#5 I confess... Though I LOVE sports and watch ESPN at the gym, I don't really get football.

#6 I confess.. I told a guy last night at SEBTS that his beard was fantastic!

Hmm.. I think that's enough to confess for now. Not too much dirt. Unless you mention #1 to a police officer, in which I hope you don't.

Have a good weekend!!

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