Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hodge Podge not Hopscotch

Today is THURSDAY! I could get used to these four day weeks .. For real. And I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Tomorrow I plan to share a few recipes that I've tried lately, but for now I'll give you a run down of what I've been reading -- and A Confession Friday list, since tomorrow will be the recipes!

Confession Friday! (on Thursday) ha

1. If I am ever blessed by the Lord to have a boy, I will most certainly name him ... James Lucas Scott [last name has yet to be determined.]

2. I went to change my tags over to NC today at the DMV, I wanted to run out of the office and scream, "Now I'm a big girl!" -- like a little girl who just got potty trained.

3. I have not weighed myself in 8 days - PRAISE THE LORD!!!

4. I was missing New York something serious this past weekend.

5. I have nearly eaten a whole bag of candy corn since Saturday.

This is what I've read:


I Loved all of them! The thing is.. Every book I've read lately leads me close to Jesus. It strengthens my walk in some way. - I like that.

This is my LIFE!

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