Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Blogs.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Blogs. Whatever.

I have a love/hate relationships with all of these. I love to waste my time on them. Scan the news feed and see what everyone is doing.  Scan the food and drinks on Pinterest and wish that I could actually make all that stuff.

About a month ago, I got off Facebook for a little while. It was welcomed and refreshing. I didn't see so and so's pictures. I didn't know who was having a baby or what their baby was doing. -or- who was engaged or now in a relationship. SImply, I didn't miss it. And now, I am thinking in the near future, I will most likely take another break from it all. 

This is what is what I want to say, and I hope that you don't consider me extreeme in this stance. BUT I think some of this social media stuff can lead to a depression of some sort. You get on Facebook and see what cool, new things someone just did. What is the automatic thought? Yep." Man, I don't ever do anything fun." -or- "My life doesn't look like that, but I wish it did." I know for me that when I scan the news feed and see everyone else's goings ons, I want to be doing something just as exciting or even better. I want to brag about my life and show its awesomeness!

The reality is that people aren't showing their complete selves on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.  There may be someone in the world who makes every meal a "Pinterest" meal, but I certainly doubt it.  And let's be real, there are just moments in life where you are just disgusted with yourself, others, whatever... but you sure don't put that on your status. - And if you did, we certainly wouldn't get a happy feeling reading all that.

I think it is important to guard your heart and mind when jumping into the social media world.  We serve and love a God who has created us for more than these seemingly "great for now" moments.  I have to check myself often when I'm looking at blogs or Facebook.  - Where is my heart? Where is my mind? Am I feeling like I lack something in anyway? You may not even understand what I'm talking about, and I may sound absurd. But I think there's truth to all this. Guard yourself in the crazy social media world where our true friends aren't the ones we can friend request... and where the real world probably eat their macaroni straight out of a Velvetta box :)

Prov. 4:23

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