Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little of That

I have had no clue what to write about for the past couple of days. Seriously. There are lots of things, but not one particular thing. And so, welcome to my world.. hope you can keep up.

I really want to have a pair of black leather pants. I know that is probably more RockNRoll than would be typical Erin, but I think they are quite fashionable. I think they are age appropriate too. Late 20's and rock the leather pants, why not? Now what this really translates too is that I probably will not end up getting them.  Can't I just see a Ross "New Things for Today" moment happening?! Go to tinkle and then just can't pull those jokers back up. That would be a problem!!! I hope you've seen that episode. It was one of my favorites!

I really want to put some blonde into my hair. I don't know how well that'll work because you have to MAINTAIN! Ugh for maintaining. But this is what I want it to look like. I mean I might as well go for it. I have enough random strangers stop me to say that I look like her. I don't see it, but I.WILL.TAKE. IT! Wouldn't you?

This past weekend I went home to SC. I made this scrumptious little pie - It's like a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie with Pecans. SO GOOD! Me and my mama were practically fighting over the last piece. HELLO!? Does that not look AMAZING?  It's fairly easy too! Here's the recipe:

Cookie Pie
A frozen pie shell             Beat the eggs with a mixer until they get foamy. I'm not an expert at this,
1/2c Sugar                      but they for real get foamy. Add sugars, flour, and softened butter. Beat
1/2c Brown Sugar            with mixer on high! Then fold in your chocolate chips and pecans.
1/2c Flour                       Bake at 325 for 50-55 minutes. Y'all this thing will come out so good!
1 stick of butter (sftnd.)   You will think you are something else! Watch out Paula...
2 eggs
1c Chocolate chips
1c pecans (opt)

Just an update: I STILL haven't stepped on a scale! Praise God! I was telling Heather Hood about that.. and just like she said, we have to claim that victory.  My weight and body image and everything else is something I have struggled with for far too long. I was reading "Absolute Surrender" on my plane ride from the City and just said to God "No More!" I can not do this for real. To you this may be like a whatever, but when a girl weighs herself sometimes twice a day. This is a victory! Thankful that God has taken this over.. that I have surrendered by His strength. AND that it is His power, strength, and grace that keeps me moving forward in this battle.

Leaving you with this: "Let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come!" Hosea 6:3

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