Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today is entirely random.

Something I hope you will never hear me say: "Yeah, my boyfriend's a male gymnast."
Y'all I love the Olympics, and I have been faithful to watch every night. This is when they show the best stuff really - gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball - the stuff I'm in it to win it for! But last night I was watching those gymnastic boys, and I just about couldn't stand it. Don't get me wrong.. they are cute and all, but that toe-pointing and semi- beauty pageant- like throw-of-hands in the air deal.. whew! I couldn't take it. It. is. too. much.  That is all I have to say about that.

I love Blue Bell Icecream. Now that it has made it's way to the Raleigh area, I couldn't be more happier. And when Amanda told me there was a Christmas cookie special edition for July, I nearly flipped. I mean really.. this is the description: Sugar cookie icecream, with chocolate chip cookie dough bites AND snickerdoodle cookie dough bits, with swirls of green icing and red sprinkles. If that doesn't scream Merry Christmas!, I don't know what does. But with all that description, I was dis-ugh-pointed! The entire thing tastes like the snickerdoodle.. and so, the end of the story is that Blue Bell gave me the sads because this was the first kind I had tried that didn't live up to expectations.

Y'all I've been into looking at Pinterest more so lately. And basically I just want to eat my phone when I see all the Food and Drink selections. They look absolutely amazing! It makes me think about Fall for some reason. Yeah, I don't know exactly why either.. except for those pumpkin bread recipes.. and smores.. and a campfire.. and cool evenings.. and a cute sweater.. and the State Fair. Yep! That's how my thought process works. Welcome to my world.

I have enjoyed making Multi-Grain cheerios my little snack at work. I could just eat and eat them. Clearly a lot of my blog has been about food today, and to that I say - There is a monster living inside of me. I have no other explanation or excuse.

July Goals Update!!!
* I finished Psalms and Proverbs and am now actually in Isaiah. :)
* Saturday morning I was walking and thought about my 5 mile goal. I had no intentions intially of running, but I marched myself into that gym and ran 5 miles without a problem! I was pumped!
* I know what half I will run, but haven't signed up.
* And this is what I read this month:


And Y'all don't forget to support the Chick tomorrow ... with a sandwich .. or some waffle fries.. or sweet tea.. or a cookie :) Show the love.

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