Friday, July 27, 2012

Today is FINALLY Here!

I. AM. PUMPED. abouttttt LONDON 2012! I have been excited since... oohhh... Aug. 2008. Yep, that's right! And here are just a few reasons why:

I say that screams VICTORY! 3 Medals away from becoming the Most
Decorated Olympian! What!?!? I've been a Phelps fan since the beginning. Despite
the whole arrest thing, I was still a little thrilled he was actually in SC at some point :)

Hmm.. Well, I like Lochte..and he's a good swimmer.
He says he wants the newspaper to read "Lochte Takes Over." I don't
know what I think about that!

Yeah, and I'm hoping we take it back to 1997 at some point and get to see these lovelies!
Because we all know we pretended to be one of them at some point in life...
Posh Spice.. That was me! I believe I recently said "Yeah I wouldn't hate running next to
David Beckham on the beach." We can all dream can't we. 

Clearly, I am a swim competition fan, but I will definitely watch a lot of the other events.. I mean, the thing only comes around every 4 years. Take it as a moment of history whether you're a sports fan or not..

Red Cups and Blue Plates for tonight's ceremonies = GO TEAM USA

This is my life...

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