Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cherry Grove.. My love.

This past weekend I had the chance to slip away to the beach for an overnight with the parents. They are on vacation all week in Cherry Grove and rented a house. Cherry Grove is the beach that my family went to, and obviously still goes to, every year for a beach vacation.  The Gandy family is a beach family for real! We would go a lot during the Spring and Fall too .. just for a quick weekend.  This might be why the beach has become my "go to" for relaxation and refreshment. So, this weekend.. I just took off! Granted, I got lost and ended up taking an extra hour on the journey; but after getting over the frustration, I was able to spend some time in prayer. Good timing.

I'm not so much an ocean person as I am a beach person. They are 2 different things. I don't necessarily like the ocean.  But if the moment is right and I have some friends along the way, I will hop in and ride a couple of waves. I can't tell you how many boogie boards my parents have invested in over the years.. All because..

Yes, I watched JAWS for the first time at the beach. Anddddd I was absolutely terrified! I think I was 5 or 6. My daddy loves this movie! To say he loves it is an understatement. I think he has seen it well over 200 times.. not including the times he has seen Jaws 2, 3, , .. 16. My comfort with the ocean hasn't been the same since then. And don't you know that apparently I wasn't even thinking when I made my beach-book selections for this trip.  Tanning on the beach requires a couple of good reads. I spotted a book by Bethany Hamilton's mom. Yeah, Bethany Hamilton, surfer and girl who was bitten by the shark.  I'm just a steady reading that book until it comes to the shark part. I read it like a brave little toaster, but.. When I went to the ocean to cool off, I couldn't go but so far. Sharks make me nervous. They terrify me. I ended up just laughing at myself because of my book choice. So I thought I would share that with y'all.

Anyways, the beach was absolutely wonderful for the all of 25 hours I was there. I enjoying fishing but didn't get to do that because I didn't have my fishing license. Now wouldn't that have been something! Believe me, I considered it. It was cooler out than here in Raleigh. We were able to shop a bit, grill out, watch Fraiser, and eat McDonalds breakfast - Side Note: My family LOVES a McDonalds breakfast.

While reading the mentioned book, "Raising a Soul Surfer", I realized how I am not living as a Daughter of the KING! Bethany had her arm chomped off, for lack of a better word. But she didn't allow that to stop her. She wanted to live for God's glory.I get so caught up in daily life and momentary circumstances out of my control, but God has called us to a greater life than that. I am protected and loved by my heavenly Father. The love my Father in Heaven has for me is greater than the love my parents show for me everyday.. I can't even fathom that ya'll. But I am thankful!!  My encouragement to you.. Live as a Daughter of the King!

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