Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I officially accepted the Rhonda Core Challenge Saturday night around 8ish.

What is the Rhonda Core Challenge you may ask? Well, lucky for you.. I have an answer.

You see, this is how this works.--  Rhonda Core, Teresa Gandy, and Darlene McLain are my biggest fans! You heard right, I have fans. Amanda and Lindsay do too. When I say fans, I do mean this in the truest sense of the word. A real fan is committed, dedicated, and a proud supporter. Yet, when something goes wrong, they let you know about it. They boo you right out of the place.  If you haven't caught on, these lovely women are our mothers. And with mothers being in the business, there comes a lot of territory that they think they still have access to in our lives though they be many miles away.  That territory: Relationships, boys, and relationships with boys. I laugh just writing this.

Saturday night, I was able to spend a lovely evening with the Core family in celebration of Lindsay's graduation! Side Note: Praise the Lord! Mrs. Rhonda always asks Amanda and I the updates on our love lives. Or, as I'd like to say, the lack thereof. However, she usually already knows what it is going on because Lindsay keeps her in the know. The fan club is always in the know. I always enjoy this time.. whoever's mama happens to be around. They offer somewhat sound, somewhat absurd advice, which inevitably we don't always take. You see, being our biggest fans, they find us to be these wonderfully, awesome girls. I can't say I disagree. haha. But in all honesty, they do want to see us get married one day. They believe we deserve to be loved, adored, treasured by a husband who will most importantly, take care of us and provide for us and love us. So, near the end of our time together over yummy food, Mrs. Rhonda proclaimed a challenge for the three of us.

The challenge was this:  This summer the three of us are to meet or hang out with more often guys that we find interesting. [This is supposed to mean meet new ones or at least hang out with the old ones :) ]

Simple, huh? Yeah I'm a little nervous about it too. hahah. But it is a challenge, and I'm up for it! She didn't mean for us to just throw ourselves at every one. Just in case you were wondering. But I think she just wants us to not hole up inside our apartments all the time watching One Tree Hill of The Bachelorette.. get out and meet people. Which on my end, I say we do a good job at anyways. But I ACCEPT the Rhonda Core Challenge. Let the summer begin!

This is my life.. and often, it's quite comical!

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