Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Five

As Karen from OTH would say, "Woot! .. Woot!" It's FRIDAY! I am stealing the Friday Five from a blog I look at every now and then "Monograms and Manicures." Without further ado, this is my Friday Five.

Ruffled Surplice Neck Dress
  # 1 - Amanda and Lindsay have made me believers in Ann Taylor Loft.  This cute little dress was my surprise birthday present from Lindsay. And I LOVE it! I wore it out for the bday last night, and it was so perfect.

# 2 - To say that I love watching One Tree Hill right now would be an understatement. I CAN NOT get enough of this show. Right now we are on Season 3 and making our way to the end .. Thankfully Kimberly is now in possession of Season 9!

# 3 - Ok, so in one day, I have managed to like this catchy tune and make a music video to it with some of my favorite people. The song is called,  "Call Me Maybe". I mean really.. I sure wish I had the guts to just walk up to a guy and be like "Call Me... " hahaha.. yeah.. I can see that one happening.

# 4- My Friends. This birthday week has been great thanks to them! They are the reason I stay in Raleigh. I know that the Lord has truly blessed me with them.. they put up with me. They buy me cute dresses. They laugh at jokes. They dance in crazy videos. They take me around Wilmington to stalk out One Tree Hill stuff. Thank you! Yall know who you are :)

# 5- Psalm 23 - This week in my quiet time the Lord has led me back to Psalm 23. He knows the refreshment we need. How sweet is that? I am reminded that we are to dwell in the green pasture that He places us in. The pasture is rich, and it is what He has for us. I was also reminded today that He is always with us. That is something I am going to have to keep in mind. We are not to fear anything, because He is with us!

This is my life.. and I Love it.

Bday pics to come.. and Don't forget your Mamas! They brought you into this world.. and they put up with you!

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