Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Crazy Antics

I am SO hungry right now. I could just about eat off my right arm or something like that. But no really I am hungry. And if you can't tell already, this blog is about to be completely random. I am ready to put up my pictures from the Birthday and Race Week, but Erin is just going to have to find some time to sit down and post those pictures. Boo on the people in our apartment who have blocked the Internet. We are strugglin! But one goodie from the bday that I want to share is our video. Yes, these fools made a music video to "Call Me, Maybe."

The link to Caitlin's blog is here: www.caitlinplowfield.blogspot.com . It is the entry for May 11th. Scroll to the bottom. We tried getting it on YouTube, so that we could be super famous and maybe the Harvard Baseball team would call us, but there are certain restricitions about copyrighting that we just can't handle right now. Note: Be sure to listen for the angry neighbor downstairs. Mind you the noise ordinance doesn't go into effect until 11.

This past week I found out that I have been living in NC semi-illegally for about 2 years now. No one ever told me that you were supposed to transfer your residency within 30 days of graduating from school. So yeah, I graduated 2 years ago.. so that would put me right at the point of.. Illegal... against the law.. not a law-abiding citizen. The thought that crossed my mind was a quote from Road Rules a LONG time ago when Theo said, "I'm a fugitive on the run from the law!" No not really. I'm not. But I will say, I'm in no hurry to take that DMV test again. It was murder to take the first time around in SC.

Confession: Every now and then I still look under the couch to make sure a snake is not peering back at me. Yikes!

This is my life.

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