Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthdays and Snakes.. Don't go Together.

BIRTHDAY MONTH HAS BEGUN!! I LOVE to celebrate my birthday. Birthdays. Anyone's birthday really. I think I like it so much because it is a day to make the person feel special, one-in-a-million, and loved. It is a day set aside to celebrate their life. So my birthday month has begun, and I started it off by eating funfetti cake for breakfast :) This year I relinquished control of all bday plans to Amanda. She is planning the party within the parameters of my requests. The only thing I know is the day we will be celebrating it on! I am excited and looking forward to it!

In honor of birthday month, I will share fun facts about myself whenever I post. So here goes nothing!
* On May 8, my parents named me Erin Ashley. Erin after the girl from "The Walton's" and Ashley after a character on "Young and the Restless".
* I had two birthday parties at the skating rink, but I don't even know how to skate!
* Even at 28, I wouldn't mind having a cake and icecream party with Hello Kitty plates.

In other news: We had a snake in our apartment! Yes, a SNAKE! I didn't believe it either. But last night I was in my room after dinner, and I hear Amanda scream "Oh my goodness! We have a problem! We have an emergency!" Me thinking there is just another fire. No biggy. Nope. Wrong. She runs into my room to let me know that my worst nightmare has come true. A SNAKE is IN THE APARTMENT. As she was cleaning up dinner, she rounded the corner to find it coiled in our living room floor. Backstory: our porch door was open. She runs into my room to which the screaming, hypervenilating, and constant calling others for help begins. At this point I am standing on my bed and retrieve my tennis shoes like that will protect me. The snake was en route to Amanda's room. She is in my closet at this point.. with little composure :) Ryan was the only one to answer with confident assurance that he would be over to help with said problem. But for a solid 15-20 minutes we are captives in our own home to this 4 ft. black snake that is having his party in our house! Lindsay and Kimberly come to offer moral support which translated to them standing in the entry way of our apartment screaming also. Finally after all four of us are just standing there in hysterical- crazyness, our new neighbor opens the door with concern. He offers to help upon Ryan's arrival. Well, our little "friend" was found back on the porch. He must've known he wasn't a welcomed guest. The neighbor picks it up and takes it outside. The four of us RUN into my room to escape the creature wrapped around neighbor's arm. Now if that wouldn't have made a good reality TV show.. I'm not quite sure what would have! My heart is STILL not right.

But this is my life.. crazyness.. and snakes... and alll...

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  1. ugh worst nightmare! i'm so glad you are safe.