Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here's the Story

Nope, this is not the story of a lovely lady.. and her 3 girls.. or a man named Brady.. and his 3 boys.. BUT...

I am writing this blog from my NEW JOB! Woo hoo! I am thankful for the Lord's provision and direction during this time.  I began looking for another job a couple of months before leaving for Prague. Upon taking the law office job, I knew it was a "holding" place until I could figure out what the next step was for my life - where it was that God wanted me. Those holding places can be some of the sweetest times. In December when we decided to sign our lease again for Raleigh, I knew God wasn't leading me anywhere else... at least for now.

The credit union job is a surprise and blessing all rolled into one. I went home one weekend from PJB thinking about needing to look for another job. I came in Monday morning and a posting was up on the SECU website for a branch close to me - Triangle Town.  I immediately applied and emailed the branch manager who informed me that they would be calling for interviews the following week. The next week I got called for an interview.. went 3 days later for the interview. Left for Prague. I came back from Prague and emailed to express interest. Had another interview and was offered the job later that afternoon. The Lord truly opened this door and KEPT opening it for me. Fun story: I was offered a job for a ministry in SC the day after I accepted the position. BUT because God is good, I knew in my heart that that wasn't the job for me.

 I accepted the job at SECU with the hopes of building relationships with nonbelievers - sharing Christ with them.  This is something MAJOR from Prague that I took away -- being intentional. The workplace is where I spend most of my time. I wanted to be connected with nonbelievers more, rather than be surrounded by Christians at the convention [although that would have been a sweet job!] I know that in that moment of being offered the job, God was seeing if I would choose the path that He wanted me to go, or if I would go the way I had always wanted to go.  I am now a full time teller at State Employees Credit Union! This is the path He wanted for me.

This is what I've read lately.. sadly only one book.. I'm losing momentum:

This is my life.. and I love it!

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