Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MIA - Prague

I have been missing in action on the blog, but that's because I was in PRAHA! Yay!

This was my second trip to Prague to work with Bay Leaf missionaries Brian and Allie. Our team had an awesome time coming alongside them in the work that God already has them doing. I would say the biggest feat of our week was simply handing out flyers for "America Night", which was hosted at Bridge. Our group is a pretty shy group. To hand out flyers to a Christian event in a country that does not view religion positively and also doesn't speak English was difficult for us. But really what it was.. our fear and pride that got in the way of passing out a simple piece of paper. We didn't want to be rejected in the middle of Andel.  It was these moments that were continuous reminders to our team that the work we were doing was not about ourselves. This was work for spreading the gospel to a dark and bitter nation. We couldn't necessarily see the fruit of a piece of paper. Would anyone even bother showing up to an event at a place they had never been?? I knew that I probably wouldn't have, if I were in that same situation. BUT God is bigger than what our minds can seem to grasp. On our second day out I am willing to say that we were allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our attitudes and actions.  The focus was off ourselves and on the work that we were asked to do. -- By God's grace, we were astounded when America Night rolled around and over 20 Czechs who had never been to Bridge before walked in the door. We were able to have some great conversations and connect them with the missionaries. Praise the Lord - He showed us that He was working all along. Similiar to the story of a discouraged Elijah and how God encouraged him in 1 Kings 19.

Since our time in Prague, Andrea [a missionary there] emailed me today saying they had a new person at worship on Sunday night because they had received a flyer in Andel and checked out the website. She is possibly a believer - but God is working!

Our team (minus Billy) on the beautiful Charles Bridge.

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