Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hummingbird flies on..

The Hummingbird shirt has redeemed itself thanks to Target and just in time! I shared this story a while back about the infamous Hummingbird shirt. I shudder just thinking about it. But in case you didn't read that time, I will share again. When I was in the 7th grade, I was invited to my crush's birthday party on a Friday night. Myself and two of my girlfriends at the time were the only girls invited. Yes, I thought I was something special in that moment! Well, my mama was out of town, and I was left to my daddy's care, who doesn't know a thing about fashion nor did I apparently at the time. So, I'm getting ready for the party and what do I decide to wear.. what do I think will do the trick to get my crush's attention finally and hopefully become his girlfriend.. Ahhhh! Yes, of all things in my wardrobe - I chose this Myrtle Beach T-Shirt we bought my Mema a few years back that somehow ended up back at our house. It was comfortable, so I wore it around the house! But yet, that night I decided to wear it. IT HAD HUMMINGBIRDS ALL OVER THE FRONT and to make it even better.... There was a Myrtle Beach, SC appropriately in the bottom corner. I thought I was something else in that shirt and was ready for the party!

Now fast forward -- That shirt has become quite the humorous story of my life. BUT last night as I was in Target forever looking in the clothes section, I came across the find above for $5 and just knew I had to purchase it. It's close enough, but the plan this time - TO ROCK THAT THING!

This is my life, and I laugh at it alot!

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