Monday, February 27, 2012

Scripture Memory

I was looking at my goal list for 2012 last night and realized that I had written "memorize more Scripture" on there. Then I realized what little effort has been made towards that goal.  Scripture memory is an important discipline but is also one of the hardest for me. Whenever a difficult situation comes or I know that Satan is deliberately attacking me, I will quote some of the few verses I have committed to memory over and over again.  Immediately there is peace. Satan CAN NOT stand against the Word of God.  This is why the Bible is called the sword of the Spirit.. what a powerful weapon that we have in our possession to combat Satan head on!

Each week, I will post a new verse that I plan to work on towards memorizing for the week. If you would like, join me!

Know that the LORD Himself is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Psalm 100:3

I was reading this Psalm in prepartion for my trip to Prague! The Lord gave me this Psalm at just the right time. This is how I broke it down in my mind.. which is why I have come to love this verse.  First line -- God is over all things, and He is sovereign!  Second line -- He made me exactly the way He wanted to!  Third line - Because He is my shepherd, He will take care of me!

This is my life!

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