Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's like a Chex Snack Mix

Today is like a Chex Snack Mix.. It's got a little bit of everything!

Everyone in Raleigh saw this on the way to whatever this morning. But in the Wakefield area, you could see that it was a double rainbow! Mrs. Bush always said those were better! I was reminded of God's faithfulness and His promises to us :)

Also, for my sake and I guess other book worms, this is what I've been reading:


Mackenzie Phillips and Jodie Sweetin had the craziest drug-infested lives. Reading those books just shed a whole new light on drug addiction - Something I'm definitely not trying to get at. But some fun facts that did come from my reading --
Passion and Purity - probably my 10th time reading it; every time I learn something new; there's always a different perspective or something I missed last time!
High on Arrival - That girl was straight up messed up!
Unsweetined - John Stamos dated Paula Abdul during the beginning years of Full House. ALSO when the show ended its run, the cast only knew 3 weeks in advance.
Unchartered Territori - Most of the 90210 cast hates Tori Spelling, at least at the time of writing.

This is my life...

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