Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hold the Phone! [Number]!

Praise the Lord it is February!! I looked at Mrs. Bush last night in church and said, "We made it through January!" There is nothing I dislike more than the month of January. It is so cold and drab, and I just want to stay indoors. But the sun is my delight.. and because Feb. is here... Well, that means March, April, and May are just around the bend! So hold on tight friends, the tan will come soon enough!

I just read this post on a blog I frequent often. Check it out:

I think I probably read the last part of that with my mouth wide open. You know .. the kind where you lose all consciousness that you are staring at something and your mouth is open larger than it should be.. and you are in public. Yeah, that's what I was doing. This is what got me:  "And I told her that I’d never met a man (if he were single and she were attractive to him), including myself, that would be in the slightest bit upset or turned off if a woman did such a thing."

Hold the phone!?!? Really? Now, I know that we live in a different time and a different culture where people do things differently. But I just find that so hard to believe. Now I do think there are girls who are ever so brave to go straight up to a guy and cut to the chase. But I haven't been able to bring myself to that or work my nerve up for that. And let me just say, I don't know if I ever would; and here's why.

I think such a move [though it does take pressure off the guy] does not encourage him to be a man, and I don't think it encourages him to pursue. I know it's just passing off a number.. and many of you may be saying that it's no big deal. However, I do not believe that is how relationships were meant to be. Isn't that what messed Adam and Eve up in the garden anyways? She became boss and took authority over her husband. The way God created/intended the relationship between man and woman to work was not for woman to go after man. That was a result of the Fall.  God did intend the relationship between man and woman to be reflective of Christ's love for the church. In some of my previous dating situations, I have been reminded of this and have been thankful at how guys have pursued me as Christ pursues the church.  As Christ pursues us and is intentional in loving us and seeking a relationship with us, I truly believe that a man of God should reflect the nature of Christ in loving and pursuing the one he is interested in.

This is not meant to be an attack on the blog I linked you to or the writer. When I read it, I just got so confused because I didn't think that was how it was supposed to be. I know that I am very old-fashioned, and I kinda want to stay that way. I know that my convictions through Scripture are alot more narrow than others, and for that I can't apologize.

But let's be real... If I rock his world enough for him to even want my number, I hope he has enough gumption to come over and ask for it! haha
This is my life!

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  1. Yeah, that writer is a hack...;) In all seriousness, Erin, I think you are a fantastic writer and have some good insight on this subject. BUT, I cannot agree with everything you state here. And that's the beauty of our brotherhood/sisterhood in Christ. We won't always see eye to eye, and that's okay. Still, I appreciate your view and stance on the issue at hand.

    Now, I'd like to clarify this a bit and say that Ruth in the Bible may contradict everything you have written here. Her husband Boaz said she was a woman of "noble character" and one cannot say that Boaz was devalued as a man simply because he was the pursued and not the pursuer. I contend that, while society reflects that a man pursues the woman, a woman like Erica should not be castigated because she may take the lead on an initial meeting. Especially in the body of believers.

    Remember, it's just that. A meeting. True, God DOES intend a man to lead the woman in the relationship, but a simple introduction doesn't have to set the tone for the relationship. If it did, this man who Erica meets wasn't a true leader to begin with, even before he steps foot in Starbucks tomorrow...

    If Erica began dating a man she met like this, it would be a "neat" and non-vanilla beginning to their story. Some people that have a problem will this experiment must keep in mind that, in the end, if it's real love, it really doesn't matter who made the initial approach. Again, just ask Ruth...