Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Worm

Savannah from Savannah  

This is what I've read in the last two weeks! All of them were good reads, but my favorite was The ACLU v. America. Some of the rules/laws/cases that were showcased in this book just made me want to cry. It showed just how far away our country has strayed away from being a God-fearing nation. That book also brings out the History in me :)

Savannah from Savannah and Unlocked were obviously lighter material. I now want to go to Savannah and see what that place is all about.  Me and the public library have become real close! I am waiting for two books -- Can you believe that? I'm on a waiting list for a book!! I can hardly believe it myself! The next books up are: The Sound and the Fury, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Great Gatsby.

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  1. I have To Kill a Mockinbird and Gatsy if you want to borrow them.. i need to reread Gatsy at some point since the new movie is coming out soon.